About PathoSans

PathoSans technologies is changing the culture of cleaning by empowering businesses to clean in a safer, more sustainable way. We are not new to cleaning: our parent company, Spraying Systems Co., has been helping global customers solve their toughest cleaning challenges for more than 80 years. With sales, service and production operations globally, Spraying Systems Co. enables PathoSans® technologies to meet customers needs locally, wherever they are. You can learn more about Spraying Systems Co. cleaning technologies at www.spray.com.au

PathoSans History

A cleaner, safer, healthier world is our passion. We’ve introduced thousands of products that enable superior cleaning while reducing the amount of chemicals and water required. It became increasingly apparent that truly sustainable cleaning requires more than reducing the amount of toxic chemicals used, we need to replace them with safer, non-toxic cleaning solutions that support the wellness of everyone in our communities.

The inventor of PathoSans Technologies, James B. Swartz, set out to produce the BEST electrochemically-activated solutions (ECAS) ever made. These solutions would clean as well as the conventional chemicals, but would be safer and be generated on-site, so customers could reduce their costs, carbon footprint, and be better neighbors.

PathoSans patented their unique ECAS technology and began working with customers across the U.S. Early installations included hotels, restaurants, and schools. PathoSans began expanding their ECAS platform to smaller and larger on-site generation systems giving customers even more options to optimize the way they clean.

PathoSans moved into a new production facility in Westfield, IN. Here, PathoSans began production of the PS120 and eventually the PS130 ECAS platforms.

PathoSans spun off Klarion, a unique ECAS cleaning platform for industrial facilities. Klarion has successfully helped customers in hatcheries, bakeries, and food & beverage industries clean in an environmentally friendly way.

PathoSans launched the PS50 Desktop ECAS cleaning platform, which enables consumers and small operations to produce on-site cleaning solutions in small quantities. Many educational and small commercial operations preferred these smaller units over the larger ECAS platforms.

PathoSans continues to innovate and has released the PS133 ECAS platform, which further improves the generation of on-site cleaning solutions in facilities that may not have the most consistent input water quality.

Over the past 10 years, PathoSans has worked with more than 400 customers to implement the world’s best ECAS cleaning solutions. The solutions are helping these customers clean better, protect employees, and improve their environmental impact.

PathoSans is proud to serve these customers and help change the culture of cleaning, globally. If you would like to partner with PathoSans to improve your environment through truly greener cleaning, give us a call, we’d be proud to partner with you, too!