Economical Green Commercial Cleaning

We often think of the switch to green commercial cleaning as requiring a high upfront investment. That isn’t the case with PathoSans. When you eliminate the chemical manufacturer and generate your own green cleaning solutions on-site, significant savings show up immediately on your balance sheet. PathoSans electrochemically-activated solutions cost as little as pennies per gallon when you generate them in your facility. They have a 30-day-or-greater shelf life, meaning little to no solution should go to waste. With multiple financing options available, it is easy to size a PathoSans system to meet the needs of your facility and budget.

“The product is non-toxic to humans. It is made without carcinogens of any kind. The product has been tested to product performance requirements. So when you see the Green Seal on the packaging, not only are you getting a product that you know has been formulated according to the Green Seal requirements, you are also getting a product that works.”
Mark Stanland, Vice President of Client Services, Green Seal
“With PathoSans, we have reduced our need to train our staff on which chemicals can be combined and which chemicals can be used where. Plus, we don’t have as many truck deliveries as we did before. We use only these two products in cleaning our facility at this time.”
Mike Fitzgerald, General Manager, MIT Endicott House
“In my 20 years of facilities operations, the PathoSans system is the best cleaning solution I have ever used. PathoSans is environmentally responsible, less expensive than purchasing bottles, drums or chemical mixing stations and very user friendly. The staff loves it and the building is by far the cleanest I’ve worked in.”
Sean Langer, Director of Operations, KFC Yum Center
“Knowing it was not going to harm our housekeepers using the products day-in and day-out was vital.”
Luz Alfaro, Director of Housekeeping, The Marker Hotel San Francisco

Make Your Own Cleaning Products for Significant Savings

Consider how much of the cost of conventional cleaning chemicals are actually for the chemical itself. Then consider how much of the cost goes to manufacturing, shipping, handling, packaging, and administration costs. It just makes sense to eliminate as many steps as possible and go right to the source. In addition to those cost savings, PathoSans two green cleaning solutions, PathoClean and PathoCide, replace a whole host of harsh chemical cleaners, drastically reducing and simplifying your inventory.

Replaces Conventional Chemical Inventory

Glass cleaner
Multi-purpose cleaner
Stainless steel cleaner
Carpet pre-spray
Hard-surface cleaner
Floor cleaner
Carpet & rug cleaner
Stain remover
Tile & grout cleaner
Odor remover
Fruit & vegetable wash
Mineral deposit remover
Hard surface sanitizer
Food contact surface sanitizer

The Cost of Labor with Conventional Cleaning Chemicals

Dangerous chemical cleaners require training for safe use. Effective training takes time and money as well as regular re-trainings to ensure the information stays fresh and accurate. When trainings are missed, errors can happen that lead to ineffective and unsafe cleaning practices.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, “Janitors and building cleaners have a higher rate of injuries and illnesses than the national average. Workers sometime suffer minor cuts, bruises, and burns from machines, tools, and chemicals. As a result, workers are increasingly required to take safety training and ergonomics instruction.”

Not only can building cleaners be injured by improper use of conventional cleaning chemicals, but they can also fail to disinfect surfaces to healthy standards. Most conventional cleaning chemicals only promise effectiveness when left on the surface for the recommended dwell time, which can be as long as five to 10 minutes. PathoSans solutions are effective in seconds.

PathoSans green cleaning multi-surface cleaner and disinfectant save labor in a couple critical ways. First, it significantly reduces training time, because the system and solutions are safer, easy, and intuitive to use. Second, the PathoSans system reduces time spent waiting for chemicals to dwell. Five minutes here and five minutes there several times a day adds up to a significant savings by the end of year. PathoSans also reduces the risk of ineffective cleaning from not adhering to the proper dwell time. With an industry that experiences high levels of employee and customer turnover, the labor savings from PathoSans can be a game changer for commercial cleaning operations.