PathoSans Non-Toxic Commercial Cleaning Products are Gentle and Easy to Use

With non-toxic commercial cleaning products from PathoSans, cleaning is easier and safer than ever. PathoSans cleaning solutions are deadly to germs while being gentle on people and surfaces. Switch to PathoSans to reliably kill 99.999% of bacteria without being exposed to harsh chemicals.





One of the Best Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

What makes PathoSans one of the best non-toxic cleaning products on the market? It’s simple. With no fragrances, no irritants, and no personal protective equipment (PPE) required, PathoSans electrochemically-activated solutions are safer and easy to use with optimal effectiveness. They are even effective in very dilute concentrations, because the chemicals have been activated with a harmless electric current. Always ready-to-use, there is no mixing of harsh chemicals required unlike with many other cleaning chemicals.

Validated Non-Irritating Cleaning Product

PathoClean has been validated as non-irritating by both an ocular irritation test and a dermal irritation test. The ocular test is accepted by U.S. agencies in 2008; OECD TG 437 (2009), and the dermal test is accepted by U.S. via OECD TG 439.

Safer Bleach Alternative

Bleach, or sodium hypochlorite, has long been lauded as a disinfectant and deodorizer, but there is a darker side to this popular chemical. Bleach must be diluted properly in order to be safe to use on fabrics and surfaces, and it must be diluted with only water. Volatile chemical reactions can occur when bleach is diluted with another solution. Bleach spilled on the skin, splashed in the eyes, or ingested can be very dangerous, and consistent exposure to bleach can cause coughing, irritation, burning, blistering, and even delirium.

Why take the risk with bleach when there is a safe and effective alternative? PathoSans solutions are non-toxic and kill 99.999% of bacteria on a surface. They require no dilution or mixing of any kind.

Fragrance Free Cleaning Solutions

The benefits of fragrance free cleaning solutions are crystal clear for those with fragrance sensitivity. A study in the March 2017 volume of Preventative Medicine Reports found that fully one-third of Australians report adverse health effects from fragranced products, commonly leading to migraine headaches, asthma attacks, and other respiratory problems.

With fragrance sensitivity being reported at such high rates, you can almost guarantee that, in any given household, office building, education facility, or healthcare facility, several people suffer from fragrance sensitivity. Protect the vulnerable people in your household or building by using PathoSans non-toxic commercial cleaning products to replace fragranced chemical cleaners.

Soon after switching to PathoSans, you will begin to appreciate the true smell of clean: no smell at all.

“The product is non-toxic to humans. It is made without carcinogens of any kind. The product has been tested to product performance requirements. So when you see the Green Seal on the packaging, not only are you getting a product that you know has been formulated according to the Green Seal requirements, you are also getting a product that works.”

Mark Stanland, Vice President of Client Services, Green Seal

“With PathoSans, we have reduced our need to train our staff on which chemicals can be combined and which chemicals can be used where. Plus, we don’t have as many truck deliveries as we did before. We use only these two products in cleaning our facility at this time.”

Mike Fitzgerald, General Manager, MIT Endicott House

“In my 20 years of facilities operations, the PathoSans system is the best cleaning solution I have ever used. PathoSans is environmentally responsible, less expensive than purchasing bottles, drums or chemical mixing stations and very user friendly. The staff loves it and the building is by far the cleanest I’ve worked in.”

Sean Langer, Director of Operations, KFC Yum Center

“Knowing it was not going to harm our housekeepers using the products day-in and day-out was vital.”

Luz Alfaro, Director of Housekeeping, The Marker Hotel San Francisco