PathoSans On-Site Generation Technology System Overview

PathoSans on-site generation systems are available in a variety of sizes to meet different volume requirements and ensure you always have the needed amount of cleaner and disinfectant readily available. Functionally, the systems are the same. The size of the individual components varies, but every system produces two, highly effective, non-toxic solutions using just salt, water and electricity.

Required for Operation

PathoSans Cleaner & Disinfectant/Sanitiser Replace Traditional, Toxic Cleaning Chemicals

  • 110 VAC (15A) – GFCI outlet
  • 0.75” diameter floor-level drain
  • Domestic cold water input; 50-90°F (10-32°C) and 35-80 psi (2.5-5.5 bar)
  • 99.9% approved NaCl salt
  • 18” (46 cm) of head clearance for salt fill and cell replacement
  • Adequate cellular network coverage for remote communication
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How PathoSans ECA Solutions Are Produced

Learn about the technology that produces PathoClean and PathoCide, a hypochlorous acid disinfectant and sanitiser.

Systems are available in five capacities

SystemOutput TypePathoClean Flow RatePathoCide Flow RateExpected FACTank Size
PS600-40Ready to use0.4 Lpm0.4 Lpm200+38L each
or 95L each
PS600-80Ready to use1.3 Lpm1.3 Lpm200+95L each
PS600-CTConcentrate1.51 Lpm1.06 Lpm200+ at dilutionMin 38L concentration in each tank
PS6020Ready to use4 Lpm2.3 Lpm200+208 to 3785L each –
user specified
PS6020-HC500Ready to use cleaner, concentrate sanitiser4 Lpm0.8 Lpm500+208 to 3785L each –
user specified
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On-Site Generators

PS600-40 (Ready to Use)

PS600-40 (Ready to Use)

PS600-80 (Ready to Use)

PS600-CT (Concentrate)

PS6020 PS6020-HC500 (Ready to Use)

PS6020 PS6020-HC500 (Ready to Use)