Large Venue and Stadium Cleaning with PathoSans

Large venue and stadium cleaning operations cope with high traffic and heavy usage within a single event. As difficult as it is to return the facility to spotless conditions after tens of thousands of people have left, it is even more challenging to maintain the space during an event, making it safe and enjoyable for attendees. PathoSans on-site generated solutions clean, sanitize, and leave large venues and stadiums feeling pleasant and welcoming.

PathoSans helps PPG Paints Arena maintain their reputation as one of the cleanest facilities in the world.


Short Dwell Time

Sometimes the cleaning staff only has short periods of time to spot clean a restroom or foodservice area during an event, but many disinfecting chemicals require five to 10 minutes of dwell time to effectively sanitize a surface. PathoCide disinfecting solution kills 99.999% of disease-causing microbes in seconds, not minutes. This helps the custodial staff maximize their limited cleaning time during events.

Cost-Effective Stadium Cleaning Procedures

Stadium cleaning procedures must quickly and effectively remove pathogens, but they shouldn’t come with a heavy price tag. The PathoSans system creates electrochemically-activated (ECA) solutions on-site and on-demand for three to seven cents a gallon. It only requires soft water, salt, and electricity to create an ongoing supply of two cleaning solutions that can replace dozens of other chemicals. Reclaim time spent ordering, unpacking, and restocking with a PathoSans on-site generation system.