PathoSans certificates clearing the way for new uses in Australian food manufacturing facilities.

UPDATE: As of May 2022, the APVMA approval extends to the use in post harvest fruit and vegetables, and mushrooms.

Late last year PathoSans solutions acquired certificates that allowed PathoCide to be used in all meat processing facilities (abattoirs), dairy and food processing facilities as a no-rinse sanitiser. In addition, it received approval to be used to minimize the transference of pathogens from poultry into the food chain, PathoCide is approved by APVMA for use in egg-shell sanitation as well.

This is because PathoCide contains hypochlorous acid (HOCL) as the active ingredient, a solution that works so well it has approval for use in egg-shell sanitisation at less than half the strength of chemicals currently in use. Research shows that HOCL is capable of significantly reducing the egg-shell microbial load with no effect on cuticle structure, normal embryonic development, and hatchability.

PathoCide can be produced by electrochemical activation (ECA) of water using PathoSans machines. While there are numerous other products in the market produced using ECA technology, what sets PathoSans systems apart is the unique cell design which renders our solutions – PathoClean (cleaner- dil. NaOH) and PathoCide (disinfectant- dil. HOCl)- salt free. The active ingredient of PathoCide, hypochlorous acid, has shown extraordinary results against the most resistant pathogens found in meat and fish processing facilities at concentrations less than half of the standard chemicals currently in use.

This research has opened the door for PathoCide to be used in a far wider range of applications around the country. Businesses love that they can safely clean their sites with a non-toxic sanitiser that is safe for them, their staff and is cost effective.

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