PathoCide All Purpose Sanitiser – 10L Container

PathoCide All Purpose Sanitiser – 10L Container

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PathoCide is a ready-to-use all-purpose disinfectant cleaner and sanitizer composed of a Hypochlorous Acid solution. Sanitizing your premises has become a need of the hour. The all-purpose sanitizer does not have any harmful chemicals, it’s all about ‘good chemistry.’

PathoCide is non irritating, contains no harsh chemicals and is completely eco-friendly. With the rise in chemicals, the environment gets deeply affected. As responsible consumers and inhabitants of the country, we must stop using chemically-induced sanitizer and disinfectant.

The PathoCide all-purpose sanitizer is proven to meaningfully reduce the presence of 99.999% of pathogens and bacteria.

Many universities and health departments around the world have proven that hypochlorous acid is one of the best solutions to kill bacteria on hard surfaces. Thus, it can be used to eliminate germs in general from high touch surfaces. It is very easy to use too.

If you have babies and pets in your home, it is extremely vital for you to disinfect and sanitize the area with the best disinfectant spray in Australia!

That’s not all! The disinfectant container can be reused or discarded safely. It is a 10L container which lasts for more than a month. Use it judiciously!

PathoCide is nontoxic, fragrance free and is suitable for use around your home and family, as well as in workplaces. For best results, use PathoCide in conjunction with PathoClean General Cleaner.

The product is ideal for the following uses:

Hard surface sanitation

Kitchens and Food Preparation Areas

Desks, Keyboards, Mouses & Seats

Mopping Floors

Bathrooms, Showers & Toilets

Tables and Hardware

Kids Toys, Gym Equipment & Other Household Items

Refilling Spray Bottles

Use in Fogging Systems

Ready to Use- No Dilution Needed

In stock

About PathoCide

PathoCide is a ready-to-use all-purpose sanitizer composed of hypochlorous acid solution containing a minimum of 165 ppm free available chlorine. Utilizing Electrochemically-Activated Water, it is proven to meaningfully reduce the presence of 99.999% of pathogens & bacteria. Requiring no dilution of any kind, Pathocide is a suitable alternative to Bleach and many other harsh chemicals.

PathoCide is a sanitizer and disinfectant that is non-irritating to eyes and skin, as well as fragrance free. This minimizes the chances of burns and allergic reactions.

Let’s not forget that children and pets spend a lot of time playing on the floor and they come in contact with all the surfaces in your home. Make your home a safe and clean place to stay, especially for young ones and the elderly. The Australian made disinfectant spray is clearly a good investment!

Make sanitizing and disinfecting safe, simple and effective. Say good-bye to toxic sanitizers and hello to PathoSans PathoCide All Purpose Sanitiser.

Key features and benefits:

No Harsh Chemicals- Biodegradeable

Ready to Use- No Dilution required

Australian made and owned.


Comes with Best Before Date Of 60 Days from Purchase

Please note: PathoCide Hospital Grade Disinfectant will be available shortly. This product is not hospital grade.

Simply spray onto a washable surface (e.g Tabletop, wall, floor or food service operations surface). Air dry or wipe dry. Must rinse or wipe dry on metal surfaces. For best results on soiled surfaces, a pre-cleaning step is required. READY TO USE- NO DILUTION REQUIRED.

Safe to use on surfaces including stainless steel, plastic, carpet, marble and wood. PathoSans products are safe for drain disposal, and come in recyclable packaging.

Store at room temperature in an air-tight container. Best if used within 60 days.

Independent test results documenting the efficiacy of Pathocide with various microorganisims is avaialable at

Softened water; <0.02% hyphochlorous acid.
Contains no bleach, phosphates, ammonia, or petrochemicals.

In the unlikely event you have any medical concerns or require potential risk advice, please contact customer service on 1300 720 807.

View our Safety Data Sheet for All Purpose PathoCide here.

View our Safety Data Sheet for Hospital Grade PathoCide here.

View our Safety Data Sheet for PathoClean here.



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