Portable QuickFogger

Portable QuickFogger

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The Portable QuickFogger was designed for an easy sanitising application in a wide variety of settings. Easy to carry and ready to use anywhere. The QuickFogger nozzle provides an ultra-fine mist, considered a dry fog, that is mounted on the body of a 10L polyethylene tank.

The unit will need to be connected to an air compressor (not included), and will enable you to easily sanitise small enclosed space, like offices, clinics, or even inside cars. The ultra-fine mist is able to reach all grooves and corners within seconds.

The Portable QuickFogger is recommended to be used with PathoSans PathoCide All Purpose Sanitiser.

Ideal for:

  • Car sanitation (car dealers, rental cars, mechanics, hand car wash)
  • Small rooms (offices, dental clinics, vet clinics)
  • Hotels

In stock


Our Sanitising Mobile Fogging Cart

Our Portable QuickFogger is ideal for small areas to dry fog sanitiser into hard to reach places. Utilising Spraying Systems QuickFogger technology, the unit emits an ultra-fine dry mist for fast evaporation that does not leave the surface wet, preventing possible OH&S risks or ruining equipment. Ideal for sanitation of cars, offices, clinics, and hotel rooms.

The nozzle need to be connected to an air compressor (not included) , and at 3Bars it will be consuming 2.5L per hour.

To be used with Pathocide All Purpose Sanitiser or any other sanitising liquid that is not flammable.

SSCO QuickFogger

• 1 nozzle spray
• Air usage – 35 Normal litres per minute @ 3 bar pressure
• Sanitiser usage – 2.5L per hour.

Note: increasing the air pressure will increase the sanitiser usage and increase the amount of fog being produced. Our recommendation is to follow the above specifications for ideal use.

The Portable QuickFogger can be switch on or off via the air compressor. As long there is air feeding the nozzle and there is sanitiser inside the tank, a fine mist will be produced.

Safe to use on surfaces including stainless steel, plastic, carpet, marble and wood. Safe for drain disposal. If sprayed for too long in a room, surfaces can get wet. To avoid wet surfaces, it is recommended to calculate the time by the proportionality of 1 min per 1.5m2 . (@ 3Bars)


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