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Hypochlorous Acid Benefits Comparison

Benefits ComparisonAlcoholAmmonia (QUATS)BleachHypochlorous Acid (HOCl)
Non-Toxic & No
PPE Required
Safe for People,
Plants & Animals
Foodgrade Safe
No Residue or
Rinse Required
Spray, Mist &
Aerodise Safely
Non-Irritating to
Eyes & Lungs

Hypochlorous Acid & Its Benefits

Hypochlorous acid is produced via electrolysis. In case the solution’s pH is weakly acidic or neutral, the chlorine solution will have more hypochlorous acid.

Did you know that hypochlorous acid is 100 times more powerful than chlorine bleach? It is efficient at killing viruses and microbial pathogens.

Cleaning with hypochlorous acid is not just efficient, but it is also safe for your skin and eyes. Chlorine can be harmful, especially when you are allergic to certain chemicals.

Before dipping into a swimming pool, the instructors suggest you to take a shower and the same advisory is given after completing the swimming session. This is because chlorine is harmful for your eyes and skin. It causes irritation and, in some cases, the symptoms can be worse. On the other hand, even if a person consumes hypochlorous acid mistakenly, it will not cause any harm.

Using hypochlorous acid cleaning products is recommended, especially in homes where there are little children, pets, and elderly folks.

Considering hypochlorous acid is so safe, it is the safest sanitizer and cleaner. You can buy HOCL from Pathosans and bid adieu to all the bacteria and virus in your home and office space.

Always remember that sanitization chemicals which are distributed in concentrated forms are hazardous and toxic. Once in contact with your skin or eyes, it can cause irritation. Moreover, the inhalation of hazardous chemicals can be lethal. HOCL cleaning is much more convenient and safer as compared to using hazardous chemicals.

Even the process of making hypochlorous acid involves water, salt, and electricity. The makers don’t use protective gear to manufacture hypochlorous acid solution.

The Best Solution

Buy our PathoSans hypochlorous acid cleaner and Sanitizer online. Our commercial cleaner and sanitizer meet even the toughest cleaning challenges for your facility.

effective they non-toxic which means they don’t contain any harsh chemicals that are harmful to you or the environment.

PathoClean® Cleaner and PathoCide® Sanitizer has paved the way for the future of sustainable cleaning! Our HOCL cleaning products are very effective at removing soils and pathogens. Complete pathogen protection made green and easy.

Get your hands on HOCL for sale, and change the way you clean and sanitize your home and office space.